Besen Ballett

A music project using brooms as instruments to create a performance combining elements of dance and music, exploring the use of different broom instruments in India and inviting others to play KEHR PARTITUR, also experimenting with microphoned brooms in a performance.                                                 

Wild aesthetics of Urban Environments

A project exploring the use of plants in and around Yelahanka as a medium for design in public spaces and built environments to address climate change and improve urban health through regular walks, horticultural techniques, experimentation and study of contemporary garden projects in similar climates.

Trees’ Tales

A project exploring the trees of Yelahanka New Town, gathering information from local experts and creating a herbarium of visual tales about the trees' histories, knowledge, and stories that emerges from encounters with them.

Glorious Misfits

Project exploring the concept of "misfit" among students and the community of Yelahanka Old Town using the art of Sacred Clowning and playful engagement on the streets and parks of Yelahanka.     


The exhibit explores resilience through ephemeral performance art, blurring lines between art and life, artist and audience engage in dynamic interchange. Through these spontaneous actions, the exhibit aims to blur the lines between art and life, creating an immersive experience.                                   

SFS 2042

SFS 2042 explores future neighbourhoods through art and design, engaging residents in critical thinking and participatory design. It culminates in public installations and digital physical artefacts placed in the neighbourhood.

House by the Sea

House by the Sea explores young persons' well-being, identity and belonging through prompt-based writing, drawing and walking in Yelahanka. Enquires how the design of built, unbuilt and digital environments shapes mental health through walking tours and physical/digital artefacts placed across neighbourhood.

Metamorphosis (animated short)

20 students create a 3D animated film about Srishti's journey and evolution in Yelahanka, screened for public view at the street level in Yelahanka.

The General Post Office of Yelahanka (YELLA- GPO)

Yella-GPO creates bespoke postal service for SFS 208, using play and exchange to revitalize community, using postcards and mechanisms for interaction, memories, places, recipes and plants. It is a prototype for re-imagining community communication infrastructure.                                                   

Enchantment along the Southern Highway: Psychogeography and the Mysticism of Ordinary Experience

Combinatory Play workshop enhances participants' imagination, observation, and ideation skills through discussion and projects, leading to collaborative public art initiative in Yelahanka using interdisciplinary psychogeography in diverse media.


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