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SFS 2042

Artist: Debanshu Bhaumik
Faculty: Daniel Fu
Participants: Meera Savargaonker / Anurag Shinde / Poorva Soni / Samar Yadav / Rohan Jenith R / Ananya Rajhans/ Jayesh Reddy/ Ananya Sarangi / Aisha Neha / Sahith Panga / Prannav Premkumar / Mehal Jumar / Soumil Kumar / Varshine Mahadevan / Manya Mankad / Aadit Nair / Ruhi Bhalerao / Thrisha Harsha / Manvi Jaju / Pulkit Kishore

SFS 2042 is a window into the future of 20 years from now. It is an attempt at imagining the future neighbourhood and what shapes the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of its residents. The SFS 2042 project involved engaging residents through speculative art and design in public spaces to explore the future of a neighbourhood. The project starts with understanding speculations, exploring context, working on methodologies and production, and culminating in installation of public art and design. It included various activities and involved the use of basic electronics such as Arduinos, with the final outcome being the interactive installations of public art in the neighbourhood to reflect on the past.

Artist Bio: 
Debanshu Bhaumik is a new media professional, exhibition designer and technologist, interested in analyzing impact of new technologies on society. He was recently awarded the Red Dot Award 2020 and Interaction Awards 2021. He graduated from the National Institute of Design in India, based in Bangalore.Archit Vaze has been immersed in the creative realm for over 15 years. He specializes in visual development, concept and story building, and is highly competent in utilizing 3D/2D software to bring ideas to life. Furthermore, he is able to break down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces of information.

Faculty Bio: Daniel Fu is an industrial designer with a diploma from National Institute of Creative Communication in Bangalore. He works as a design engineer, freelancer, and educator, currently practicing industrial design, manufacturing and creating commercial furniture and products at Srishti Institute.


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