Yellelu Yelli

Glorious Misfits

Artist: Sukhmani Kohli
Faculty: Veena Krishnakmar
Participants: Aanya Jain / Aryan Arora / Anagha Manoj K / Ananya Chandorkar / Angel Mathew / Aryan JM / Jananee Mullai / Kamakshi Nayak / Mallika Rajesh / Sanjithi Meda / Noyonika Palit / Omisha Pashilkar / Parnika Malhotra / Sanjanaa Shah / Shalini Kundu ( Kaiarene ) / Spriha Patel / Vidushi Saxena / Yogeshwar Singh.

The red nose of the clown is the smallest mask that unmasks. It gives us the license to play, without the fear of judgment, without the need to 'fit in', without inhibitions. It liberates us and allows us to be who we wish to be in that very moment, ever present and aware. Glorious Misfits aims to use the clown's red nose as a metaphor for vulnerability and honesty, using the practice of sacred clowning to promote inner qualities such as empathy, spontaneity and play. The project aims to bring out the "inner misfit" in students and the community through playful engagement and to stand together on the common ground of being a "misfit" in society.

Artist Bio: Sukhmani, 18-yr theater and clown practitioner, uses theater/clowning to help release shame & practice self-acceptance. She runs Purple Mangoes, a collective that creates opportunities for learning, dialogue & connection.She also works with various people and organisations such as children, young adults, working professionals, communities & organizations.

Faculty Bio: Veena is an interdisciplinary artist, graphic designer, and art educator with multiple degrees. Her areas of interest include various mediums of art such as painting, printmaking, papermaking, graphic arts, digital photography and art education. She currently works as a facilitator of interdisciplinary art practice and graphic design for undergraduate and graduate students.


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