Festival of Ideas
Found Footage Poetry

Artist: Sylvia Schedelbauer                                                                                                                   
Faculty: Priya Sen

Participants: Dhruv Dinesh Prabhu / Fernandes Norah Ann Vincent / Janhavi Nitin Nikam / Misha Verma / Shreya Anu Shekar / Shreya Kundu / Srikripa Krishnan / Srishti Praveen Shenoy / Tank Rutu Dharmesh / Tia Sukesh Choubey / Vaishali Chandana Rebelly / Yana Paul Menacherry / Treena Gupta / Priya Naik / Aditi De

With a focus on experimental film, the participants would make short experimental films from pre-existing, digitalized 'found' footage by experimenting with montage and storytelling  strategies. Participants would engage with a brief history of structural film, various found footage filmmaking practices, and examples of experimental moving image works. By using their own collections of found footage, poems and self-produced footage, participants can individually and collectively make their own films.  Participants get a chance to volunteer at Experimenta, the international biennial of Moving Image Art, in India, Bangalore. Through this project, participants can explore the boundaries of film and push the medium in new and unexplored ways.

Artist Bio: Sylvia Schedelbauer is an MFA graduate whose films explore historical and personal realms. Her work is an intersection of found footage, essay filmmaking, structuralist cinema, and metaphorical narratives. She has won multiple awards, including the VG Bild-Kunst Stiftung Kulturwerk grant, and her work has been screened at festivals and venues worldwide.

Faculty Bio: Priya Sen is a filmmaker and artist. Her work has screened globally at festivals and venues such as the Berlinale, BFI London, and Experimenta India. "No Stranger At All" is currently on view at the 5th Kochi Biennale and is set to premiere at the Forum Expanded program of the Berlinale in February 2023.

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