Dust Thou Art

This project aims to explore the relationship between life and soil using aesthetic embodiment and embodied metaphors. The use of embodied metaphors will help students understand how literal and abstract meanings become intertwined.   

Fluid States

Fluid States will focus on the theme of water, and how different forms of living things can be viewed from this perspective. The project will use moving images and expanded cinema as a way to explore and manifest a set of exploratory questions about water.                                                  

E- Waste And Its Toxicity Created on Human Life and Environment

This project studies e-waste in India, which produces over 800,000 tonnes annually, mostly from 10 states. The e-waste poses a threat to human health and the environment. Proper e-waste management practices are needed to address this issue. 

Har Boond Mein Shudhta, Swachhta Aur Suraksha

This project aims to provide a platform for interdisciplinary brainstorming and research on sustainable water management for households. It addresses the need to ensure sustainable and adequate access to safe and potable water for all citizens.

Interpreting nature: Imaginings of nature in India, past and present

This project examines Indian expressive traditions' imaginations of nature, the interpretations of the relationship between human and environment, and the forms these interpretations take.


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