Pillow Stories

Pillow Stories is a project that creates unique and thought-provoking sculptures, paintings, text, video, sound, installations, and more using pillows and other materials. It explores the cultural and artistic potential of pillows, and the relationship between our inner dreams and reality.                                                     

Space & Place

This project explores the use of other senses, such as smell, touch, and sound, to create immersive wayfinding experiences. It aims to push the boundaries of traditional wayfinding and enhance user understanding and navigation through a multisensory system.

Social Listening

Using sound art practice, Social Listening proposes "social listening" as a method to initiate social dialogue in Yelahanka through creative workshops and public space interventions, developed in consultation with Yelahanka workers and residents.  

Rhizomena: Indexed Rhizome Connections and Mindful Soil Topologies

A project led by Angela Brisnovali, visual artist and faculty member at the University of the Aegean, an interdisciplinary exploration of the interconnectedness of soil, plants, and trees through land art projects, phenomenological approach and visits to botanical gardens.      

Live - Die - Repeat

"Live-Die-Repeat" is a project that examines the cultural practices and evolution of the new SMI campus and its surroundings, using natural systems and organic & ephemeral media. It reflects on its agricultural history, change, rebirth, and memory, and how the campus will continue to evolve.

Pause - Unplug – Play

A project led by Shradha Jain to create spaces on the Manipal Bengaluru campus for social, physical and mental recharging through playful furniture, interactive games, and upcycled materials.

Under the Sun

This projects entails the making of an installation which features sunlight in a prepared space,  redirected by light activated switches, motors and mirrors, irregular shaped hanging prints (a  deconstructed book), small LED Screens programmed to present video animations and sound.

“future, dear”

This project explores the idea of archaeologists travelling into the future to collect artefacts and question if the future is desirable. It encourages reflection on actions that can be taken today to lead to the most desirable future.

Contained Multitude: A Hand-Taste of Complex Systems

Living Pedagogic is leading the way to sustainable global consumption and agriculture systems by educating students on permaculture, fermentation, and permacircularity through a comprehensive and novel art education approach. This method equips learners to use their imagination to effect positive change.

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

An art project that proposes alternative histories of Bangalore using research, intervention and an installation of printed matter and sound, offering the opportunity to explore image-making within the context of the city's narrative and resulting in prints, photography and sound.

The Living Canvas

Students from 2232 A.D, where people live in harmony with nature & AI revolutionises lives, sent back to uncover secrets of the world, understand the emergence of food forests & impact of AI on humanity. Carrying artefacts, exploring, and wondering why sent back.

Illi Nodu (Look Here)

Srishti's education emphasises diverse capabilities through an inclusive, multi-dimensional approach, Illi Nodu showcases this essence through audio-visual storytelling.

Making sense of the climate crisis through Ecological art

Srishti's education emphasises diverse capabilities through an inclusive, multi-dimensional approach, Illi Nodu showcases this essence through audio-visual storytelling, as students explore and represent the intangible spirit of the school.

Cascoland Lab & Kitchen

Cascoland leads a project to discuss food production through cooking with locally sourced food and intervention for the Kochi Biennale with a multidisciplinary team of students.


TEX(T)ILED BODIES project explores social norms around the gaze through textiles and fabric, using poetry to unpack notions of pride and shame and creating cloth installations and scrolls. 

Found Footage Poetry

This project is a film-making initiative where participants explore montage and storytelling techniques using existing digital footage under the guidance of artist Sylvia Schedelbauer, focusing on the history of structural film and found footage practices.

Playwriting Student Showcase: A Curation Of Rehearsed Readings

Students respond to recent socio-political events and cultural taboos to write original stage plays, selected scenes of which are curated for rehearsed reading. They experiment with structure, feeling, form, and content, and explore themes of guilt, family, sexuality, trauma, and relationships, giving insight into young adults' concerns.

Behind the Scenes, Under the Lights

An interdisciplinary project led by documentary filmmaker Vivek Sangwan to document and explore the intangible aspects of the Srishti's Interim Programme, including design thinking, multidisciplinary imagination, and implementation through interviews, research and film production techniques for storytelling. 

SMI Live

A project led by John Ganta, an Experience Designer and faculty member at Srishti-Manipal University, to create a broadcasting website featuring updates, events, projects, podcasts, and other media content developed by teams of students in various roles, John is also the Director of the media company Crucible Gold


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