The Interim’s aim is to nurture emerging creative talent through creating open-ended frameworks for learning and engaging with contemporary artistic practices. In this space, aspiring practitioners merge future-focused humanistic sensibility with design thinking to construct their own unique artistic language. The projects are created with an emphasis on socially engaged and context led art/design leading students beyond the campus and classroom into the public realm. The invited practitioners are internationally well-acclaimed contemporary artists and designers working in the realm of visual arts, design, performance art, installation-art, film and new- media arts.

The projects developed during the Srishti Interim cover areas ranging from the present-day concerns regarding the fragility of our ecosystems, sustainability to gender politics, environmental and land art, examination of everyday micro-histories, interactive installations and socially-engaged and community-based practices, movement theatre, interactive storytelling, site-specific artistic and curatorial interventions in the public space and artistic research practic

Srishti Interim is an annual event where students from the undergraduate program work intensively alongside contemporary artists from around the world. It is a vibrant, transdisciplinary space that mediates the worlds of arts, design, performances and sciences. Students explore multi-layered world-views, emerging technologies and different cultural syntheses to create, produce and present a diverse range of projects that echo the pulse of the current art world.


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